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Landscape Design Los Gatos, CA A good landscape design creates a beautiful and relaxing environment that is beneficial to your family’s health and wellbeing. It provides a space that encourages family bonding and healthy living. You can maximize the benefits you can get out of your outdoor space by letting professionals handle the design job. Professional landscape designers ensure that each element is contributing to the overall design and purpose of the space.

Good landscape contractors can be found through referrals from your friends and neighbors. In deciding who to hire, make sure that the contractor has proven expertise and competence in the field like Greenyard Pavers, serving greater Los Gatos, CA, and surrounding areas. Our company provides exceptional end-to-end landscape design and installation services to both residential and commercial clients. We do these tasks by understanding what you genuinely want for your outdoors and the theme that you want to achieve.

Landscaping Ideas

There are a lot of landscaping ideas that you can adopt for your future landscape. Just ensure that it has all the vital elements such as hardscapes (e.g. retaining walls, patios, driveways), softscapes (e.g. lawn, plants, flowerbeds), and other landscape features. These elements and features are chosen according to the intended purpose of the yard and the lifestyle of the people who will use it. It is useful to think ahead in terms of what the landscape will need in the future such as maintenance, pest control, and new spaces for gardens.

Garden Design

It is helpful to check out current design trends for inspiration. One of the landscape design ideas that are becoming popular is the use of mini gardens. These are typically used as decorative accents to small spaces like tabletops and windowsills. Another garden design trend is making garden spaces more functional by incorporating outdoor features such as kitchen, outdoor fireplace, or fire pit. Environment-friendly and energy efficient materials are becoming top choices along with green installations like rain catchments and permeable paving.

Patio Design

Patios are spaces intended for recreation and other outdoor activities. You should be mindful of what activity you will use your patio for in choosing the design you want. Some styles may not be suitable for certain activities. For example, an open patio design would work for an area used for lounging and sunbathing. A closed patio, on the other hand, will suit a space with kitchen installation. You must try to achieve a good balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Landscape Designer

A good landscape designer must be able to communicate well with his clients especially when brainstorming ideas. He must demonstrate both technical know-how and creative skills when doing a landscape design job. Problems and challenges along the way are inevitable and the designer should be able to address them effectively.

Landscape Architect

Landscape architects provide a level of expertise that a regular landscape designer could not. An architect has a systematic approach to landscape elements and is keen on identifying cause-effect relationships like how the placement of trees affects energy consumption. Every detail is meticulously chosen while bearing in mind the role of each item in the bigger picture. The landscape architect pinpoints flaws and areas of concern and provide solutions to address them. Hiring one to work on your landscape design project is always a good decision.

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