Swimming Pool Removal, Santa Clara, CA Are you weary of maintaining your outdated pool or uncertain of its safety for children? Pool removal is a service that we at Greenyard Landscape & Demolition can provide. Taking down and disposing of an old above ground or underground pool is laborious, challenging, and time-consuming. If you intend to renovate your yard or replace your swimming pool this summer, contact us for our reliable and quick pool removal service immediately to save yourself time and trouble.

Comprehensive Pool Removal Service

Whether you want to remove the pool's complete shell or only its demolition and the backfill, we specialize in pool abandonment works. We follow this detailed process:

  • Developing a strategy to demolish the pool-We collaborate with you to choose what will replace your pool in that space. It provides us with a better understanding of preparing for the work.

  • Obtaining the appropriate demolition permit-With our specialists, you will never have to worry about acquiring the essential permits. We will handle everything for you to ensure that the procedure is as seamless as possible.

  • Draining the Pool Itself-We will ensure that any residual water in the pool is drained correctly, tested for toxins, and disposed of per local ordinances.

  • Pool Removal, Mountain View, CA
  • Disconnecting electrical, gas, and plumbing lines-By disconnecting any electricity, gas, or water pipes lines linked to your swimming pool, we prevent possible mishaps for ourselves and the work area. It eliminates any potential liability concerns.

  • Drilling holes at critical spots along the bottom and walls-After years of practice, we've discovered the most reliable and effective method for dismantling a pool.

  • Backfilling, leveling, and compacting the construction site- This is the element of any project where our skill truly helps us stand out from the competition, as it is the most labor-intensive.

  • Clearing the Debris- After breaking up the remaining waste into the smallest particles practicable, we load everything into haul trucks and transport it to the closest recycling facility.

  • The final cleanup and inspection- We clean up after ourselves, so there is no trace of the old swimming pool.

Old Pool Removal, Sunnyvale, CA As you can see, we follow a systematic pool demolition process so that our clients get the kind of services they need- cost-effective, efficient, safe, and quick. We know that every client will have specific requirements and schedules, and we work with them to ensure the timely completion of all the work.

Local Pool Demolition Company

Call us today with your pool removal project requirement; with us, you get:

  • Backfilled and Compacted Swimming Pool Filling
  • Minimum Site Degradation
  • Yard Re-Grading
  • Complete Debris Removal
  • Site cleanup

As mentioned earlier, we handle the entire swimming pool demolition work, from acquiring permits and inspecting to ground compacting and grading- just call us. Our team will be at your site soon to assess the space and provide an obligation-free quote.

For details about our pool removal services, please call Greenyard Landscape & Demolition at 408-605-7391. You can also send us your requirements and queries through this Online Form, and our experts will contact you soon.
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